About Just English

Just English is a pioneering and exemplary educational institution that recognizes the foreign language education deficiency in Turkey and aims to improve it, running from awards to awards with its achievements.

What Are Our Goals About Our English Course?

We want to be an innovative, constantly developing, pioneering and exemplary institution that plays an active role in the education sector with its deep-rooted and experienced corporate structure and its studies in the field of education. We are planning to open branches not only in Turkey but also abroad in the near future. n this way, we want to show the world that a Turkish brand can also provide high quality education. We want people who want to learn English to see that they do not need to go abroad to achieve this and that they have the opportunity to receive a very high-quality education here as well.

What Opportunities Do We Offer?

Whether they are our student or not; when an application for education abroad comes to us, according to the request of the applicant, we organize affordable and reliable education in the world's leading language schools with a FREE organization guarantee in the country where the language is spoken to improve the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences in English, German, Russian, Spanish, French and Italian.

We help people who want to get language and university education abroad with language school abroad, university abroad, summer camps abroad and Work & Travel.

How are our group discounts?

As Just English, there is a subject that we care about very much, and that is; Price differences that may occur among our students, between the same date range and those who participated in the education with the same campaign... Our attitude on this matter is crystal clear, as Just English, we are an institution that has the principle of announcing our prices beforehand. We do not find it ethical to change our prices based on the person's appearance, location, age or identity information. In addition, considering the possibility that the difference which students try to expose by bargaining may cause discomfort within the group, we would like to state that we are closed to the bargaining system so that everyone can continue their education with peace of mind. However, we exclude those who started their training before or participated in various kinds of campaigns announced by Just English on the dates specified or collective company agreements (It is possible for our trainee candidates who want to be informed about prices, to get information from us by phone).

What distinguishes us from other English courses?

Our institution, which rides high, has proved itself in the foreign language education sector at short notice. We are an educational institution that you can follow from the beginning to the end with peace of mind, has not forgotten the realities of Turkey, open to all kinds of moral and material educational sacrifices, prioritizes students and teachers, and supports everyone who tries to receive education in good faith, supports all types of success, takes lessons from its failures, and shares the joy and sorrow of its students.